Marina Fees

All payments are due on the 1st of each month and considered late after the 5th.
Payments received after the 5th of each month will be billed a $50.00 late fee (wet slips)/ $35.00 late fee (dry storage).
License agreements must be accompanied by first (incl. any prorated amount) and security deposit equal to first month’s rent.

Wet Slips / “Dockage Only” Agreements

Month to Month

Wet Slip storage only includes:
1-Parking Space
Electric (1-Outlet)
Bathhouse Usage
$10.00 / Foot per MO + Tax

(Weekend Stay Option: Add $35.00 per person, per month to stay aboard over any and all weekends for month paid. Month is calculated from the 1st-31st and includes 1 additional parking space, ramp usage & amenities.)


Wet Slip storage only includes:
1-Parking Space
Electric (1-Outlet)
Bathhouse Usage
$3.00 / Foot per WK + Tax ($125/wk. minimum)

Dry Storage Agreements

Vessels & Trailers – MM 112
Month to Month

Includes: Water, Electric, 1-Parking Space & Unlimited Ramp Use
$7.00 / Foot + Tax

Storage of RV’s, Vessels, Trailers, Etc. – MM 98
Month to Month

Includes: Storage Only
For 30+ Days:

$3.00 / Linear Foot, Per MO + Tax

(Min. $75/MO.)

For 30 Days or Less:

$1.00 / Linear Foot, Per Day + Tax

(Min. $75)

Ramp Fees (If Available)

1x Ramp Card

(Valid for 1 Launch & Pull)

10x Ramp Card

(Valid for 10 Launch & Pulls)

20x Ramp Card

(Valid for 20 Launch & Pulls)

Yearly Weekend Ramp Card

(Valid for 1 Year of weekend
FRI-SAT-SUN launch & pull)

Daily Rates – Wet or Dry Storage

$1.50 / Foot, Per Day + Tax
Includes: 1-Parking Space, Water, Electric & Unlimited Ramp Use (Minimum $50.00) for rentals less than 14 days

Other Fees

$2.00 / Foot
Per month, for extra electric and water for any boat (ex. Repairs)
$5.00 / Vehicle
Additional or Guest Parking, Per Vehicle / Per Day
$100.00 / Pet
Pet Security Deposit
$25.00 / Month
Dock Box Rental or Additional Box for Wet Slips Renters
$120.00 / Hour
Emergency Water Removal from Vessel (1-Hour Min Charge)
$35.00 / Month
Late Payment Charge / Dry Slips / After 5th of Each month
$50.00 / Month
Late Payment Charge / Wet Slips / After 5th of Each month
$30.00 / Per Occurrence
Returned Check Fee
$50.00 / Per Recovery/Pull
Sunday Fee for recovery/pull from storage at MM98